Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide Football

Held every Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday each year in the historic Market town of Ashbourne this two day medieval  event is a sight to behold.  With crowds from all over the world either viewing  or taking part in this very hands on event. This year it will be the 25th and 26th February 2020 with the throw up of the ball at 1.00pm from Shaw Croft Car park.

Ashbourne resembles a war zone with shops boarded up throughout the game which can take place anywhere between the goal posts which are  located at Sturston Mill and Clifton approximately 2 miles apart and swamps the town centre, and roads and river in between with  1000′s of ‘players’, the game will continue until late evening or until a goal is scored.


Come dressed for cold and wet conditions, its a spectacle to enjoy even if once in a lifetime.  If you are wanting accommodation over the period of the game then contact us on 0780 8899493

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