Making Time for You: Why You Deserve to be Pampered

Everyone needs a break from everyday life every now and then; whether it’s to break the monotony of working life, or just to get away from it all and have time away from your usual surroundings.

Many people feel like they have to earn a break, but here at Offcote Grange, we think that anyone should be able to indulge in a pamper. That’s why we have a range of pampering breaks available – to help you unwind and de-stress at your own leisure!

So, why should you allow yourself to be pampered?

Pamper Break

It Helps You Be Yourself

When you’re dealing with the stress and strain that life throws your way, it’s often quite easy to forget to be yourself. You’re always aiming to please others and make your life easier, but this isn’t necessarily you being yourself.

Booking yourself onto a pampering break will allow you to rid yourself of those responsibilities which may be causing you to act like someone else, making you behave more like your true self. You’ll be able to kick back and relax and do absolutely nothing for a few days – who wouldn’t want that?

We guarantee that you’ll leave our cottages feeling refreshed and more you!

It Gets Rid of Stress Before a Big Event

Many of our visitors who join us for our pampering breaks are doing so to help them prepare for a big event such as a wedding or a conference.

Our packages are extremely popular with hen parties for this reason. There’s nothing better to calm a nervous and excited bridal party than a therapeutic weekend away where you have everything done for you.

Foot Massage

Take time out with our pampering experts and enjoy a relaxing day receiving the most therapeutic treatments to relieve you of the stresses and strains that you’re probably feeling in the run up to your big event. From hot stone massages and aromatherapy facials, to spending a few hours in our sauna room – there’s a range of treatments to get you in a more relaxed state of mind.

Pampering Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Beauty

We know that every person has a different take on what pampering actually means to them; some prefer to sit and have their stresses dissolved during a relaxing treatment, whereas others feel most at home being active and trying out new things.

With this in mind, we’ve made contact with a wide range of activity providers to give you access to the best activities in the area.

Horse Riding

From pony trekking, clay pigeon shooting and archery, to off road biking and cookery classes, there’s something for everyone – and there’s always our wonderful relaxation facilities to come back to at the end of the day!

Sit back and put your feet up during one of our pamper breaks and see how much better you’ll feel afterwards – you deserve it! To find out more information about out pamper breaks and how you can book yourself or your friends onto one, feel free to get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to make arrangements for your visit.

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